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Publisher's description

Opdicom's revolutionary OpdiTracker disc management software, database and search engine are the foundation for an exciting new solution to handle the management and archiving of your data CDs, DVDs, music and game discs.

OpdiTracker runs on Windows and Mac computers, integrating with the Windows Explorer environment and working in a similar way to Mac Finder.
It is supported on the following platforms:

Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 (SP4), ME, 98 SE
Macintosh OS X (version 10.1 or higher)
You can run OpdiTracker as stand-alone software to manage and control your disc library.

The power of OpdiTracker is fully deployed when combined with hardware incorporating Opdicom's OpdiStore technology. Discs can then be stored in an Opdi-certified storage unit, and when they are needed again, a simple search using OpdiTracker will retrieve them. OpdiTracker comes with a password protection system that facilitates access control to each Opdi-certified storage unit.

What's new in version 2.2

- Additional language support with OpdiTracker now supporting the following languages: English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
- Overall improvements have been made to the search functionality, and to the speed and reliability of the software.
- Before a disc is ejected, you have the option to require entry of the name of the person the disc is "Provided To".
- Improved MSDN Index integration (Windows only).
- Firmware updater is now integrated as part of the OpdiTracker application (Mac only). Plus firmware update version 79 is now available for Mac, which fixes problems that occassionally made Disc Stakka units change to an inactive state.
- User documentation and online help has been updated.

Latest comments

  • 0
    Guest 17 days ago

    Really?! $49?! The hardware isn't worth that much! Time to recycle it...

  • 0
    Guest 11 months ago

    Hi I have a disc manager, however, I am unable to eject any selected discs,
    I have had this problem before, having run through the maintenance I am still unable to retrieve any disc.

    • 0
      Guest 5 months ago

      I would never recommend anything Opdicom touches.

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